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Introduction to Transmission Meditation

Saturday, November 11th
Led by Mitch Williams
Cost: FREE


In this free talk and short introductory meditation, you'll learn about the origin, process, and benefits of this amazingly potent meditative practice, and get to experience the powerful energies for yourself.

Transmission Meditation is both a world service (Karma yoga) and perhaps the most potent technique of personal development (Laya yoga) available today. This meditation is a virtual 'hot house' for the spiritual growth of those who participate on a consistent basis.

Transmission Meditation is safe, scientific, non-denominational, and unbelievably potent. There is never any fee to participate, and no experience is required. It will not interfere with any other meditative discipline or spiritual practice. In fact, it will enhance your personal meditation and any other service activities in which you may be engaged. Many people find they can experience and demonstrate love more easily. Others report that their minds are more stimulated and creative.

Transmission Meditation is a specialized form of group service activity whereby the group offers itself for use as a conduit which 'steps down' the great spiritual energies that continually stream into our planet. At the same time, it is a dynamic aid to personal growth. This transmission process, which makes the energies more useful to humanity, is similar to that of electrical transformers, which step down the power between generators and ordinary household outlets. These transformed spiritual energies are gradually lifting all life forms, changing our world for the better.

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