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Vedic Meditation Course with Special Guest Instructor Dr. Gyanendra Mahapatra

  • The Breathing Tree 17 East Side Square Canton, IL, 61520 United States (map)

***Donation-based. Please note: times are currently TBD. Please send us your best availability so we can accommodate the optimal schedule for those interested. Times outside of the weekend workshops will also be available by appointment, so if you've already learned from this wonderful man he will be offering the opportunity for you to learn advanced techniques...or to simply say hello and visit with him. Please contact us with your availability so we can schedule this workshop at the optimal time for those interested. Thank you!***

This workshop will be held during the weekend of July 21 - July 23. Time and date are TBD based on interest and availability. For those interested, please contact us as soon as possible with your preferred availability over this weekend so we can best accommodate those interested in this rare opportunity to learn from a world-renowned master.

Dr. Gyanendra Mahapatra came to the United States in 1999 and is currently working as a Stress Management Counsellor in a reputed Mergers and Acquisitions firm in Washington, D.C. He teaches Vedic Meditation and advanced techniques, which he has evolved with the blessing of many Saints from India. Besides teaching Vedic Meditation, he has mastered the art of performing many kinds of Yagyas and Pujas, for the benfit of individuals and society.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Mahapatra has been teaching meditation alongside some of the Holiest Saints in India, including Trigunaji, and Dwivedji. 

From '86 to '93, Maha  trained 8,600 young pundits how to meditate, including lessons in advanced technique, and Yogic Flying.

Dr. Mahapatra has the singular goal to achieve World Peace within our generation and he strongly believes that individual peace is the basis of World Peace.


A message from Dr. Mahapatra:

Dear Future Meditators,

I would like to invite you to learn a simple technique that has already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to attain more peace, success and higher states of consciousness. The Vedic Meditation experience always leads to lower stress and a healthier life.

Lectures are normally held in groups of 8-12 people and consist of an orientation lecture followed by 3 instructional lessons each including a group follow-up discussion. Lessons normally run for one and half hours to two hours long.

Benefits of Meditation are enormous. Worldwide research has consistently shown that meditation positively effects the entire body, mind, psyche, and even the environment. Vedic Meditation will improve the quality of your life.

This Vedic Meditation is so simple, so easy and so natural. One learns how to dive deeply into oneself and fully know oneself. What could be more natural and rewarding than to know one’s own self?

Best Wishes,

Dr. Mahapatra


More about Dr. Mahapatra…

Dr. Mahapatra was born to a Vedic family in Orissa State in India. His ancestors were Vedic Astrologers and Karmakandi Pundits to the Royal Court in the Princely State of Nayagrh.

Dr. Mahapatra was trained as a Radiation Oncologist in the Prime Medical Institute, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Sufdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. He came across a popular meditation movement in 1973 and was trained as a teacher in May 1974. From that time he worked for the movement in different capacities.

In 1975, Dr. Mahapatra went back to Delhi University to complete his M.D. in Radiation Oncology. He practiced in Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, for 2 years after which he left the medical profession permanently and has since devoted his life, full time, to creating individual and world peace.

From 1986 to 1993, Dr. Mahapatra traveled the world and worked with some of the most famous Vedic and Aryuvedic Scholars, including: Trigunaji, Dwivediji, Deepak Chopra and Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar. Dr. Mahapatra has also been associated with many other Saints from India and travels today with their blessings as well.

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