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All About the Kids: The Extra Sensory System and Beyond

Part 3 of 3 in a series. Deeper dive into the Human Design and Sensory System, and the Extra-Sensory Experience. These two meetings will focus on the kids, but you will learn a lot about YOU, too! We will compare what is considered ‘normal’ versus extra-sensory across various aspects of the human design, including all 6 (yes, 6) senses, the chakra system and levels of body integration. We will cover ‘odd’ and/or ‘disruptive’ behaviors, what is actually happening and how we can help. We’ll also explore the process of ‘mirroring’ and why these kids are so darn good at it.

Part 1: Friday January 11th, 7pm to 9pm - Intuition and Dowsing

Part 2: Wednesday January 23rd, 6:30pm to 9pm - Fostering Body Awareness Through an Exploration of Our Human Design

Part 3:Saturday & Sunday February 2nd/3rd, 1pm to 3:30pm - All About The Kids, the (Extra-)Sensory System and Beyond 

From Terri about the series:

"This 3-part series will expand your intuition and body awareness, and foster a deeper appreciation for the experience of those that are labeled ‘extra-sensory’ and greater ease within those relationships. All sessions are highly experiential, meaning you will walk away with multiple first-hand experiences of what is available through the miracle that is human. I’ll point to the physical body and subtle body mechanics that enable the intuitive process, and how those bodies co-operate to create our human experience. Our intuition is a very real part of us and is simply waiting in the wings to come forward. Whether you are already experiencing your intuition or you feel disconnected from it, a choice to try something new or dive deeper into what’s already happening is a signal to our intuitive aspect that we desire a more expansive relationship with our Self and others. This 3-part series is an opportunity to make that choice and to expand that bridge between what we want to know and what we do know to be for our highest and best.
If you desire a greater awareness of our miraculous bodies and sensory systems, and deeper relationship with the unique population of children that are showing us new capabilities within all of it, you won’t be disappointed. 2019 has a lot to offer all of us, and this is a great way to kick it off.
I encourage you to participate in all three offerings, as they build upon each other in a very expanded way. That said, there is no restriction - come to any or all. Everyone attending all 4 meetings will receive a private personalized 2-hour session with Terri.

No Registration - Drop-ins Welcome!
Cost: Donation. Pay what you can.

These sessions are intended for all - parents, family members and care givers of those that are diagnosed on ‘the spectrum’ and/or extra-sensory, as well as all others who simply desire a greater understanding of their Self, others and their environment. 

You will receive the most from our discussion and practice if you are able to focus without the ‘distraction’ of caring for your kids. However, if child care is the missing piece to your attendance, you are welcome to bring them with you. Please support your Self by exploring all options prior to making this decision.

If you have any questions about this class and whether or not it’s ‘right’ for you, don’t hesitate to contact Terri at 

These offerings are no cost. It’s my way of giving a little back to our community and The Breathing Tree. If you choose to make a donation, 100% of that will go to support the ongoing community enrichment that The Breathing Tree offers.

About Terri:

Terri’s first exposure to dowsing was watching an experienced dowser bring forward complex and helpful information to multiple people at a gathering in a friends home. Her first impression was - Wow! I wish I could do that! She thought this and other forms of communication with what was termed ‘The Higher Self’ were exclusive to special, gifted people. She had no belief that it was something she could do herself. That was a long time ago and spurred Terri on her exploration of multi-dimensional communication in many forms. Dowsing was Terri’s first multi-D communication tool and continues to be her ‘go to’ for all manner of choice points in her life.

New inspirations naturally follow expanded intuition and awareness. Terri’s inspiration to explore the world of Autism through the Awesomism Practitioner Program (focused to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of children diagnosed on the spectrum among parents and caregivers) was a game changer. She moved swiftly through the program and became a Program Facilitator in 2015, accelerating her personal journey into the depths of the human design and sensory system and the various potentials and possibilities for how it can be ‘occupied’ and experienced. Terri has a simple and straightforward style of facilitating that quickly moves a beginner into action and a mature skillset into mastery.

Multi-Dimensional Communicator
Certified L3 Awesomism Practitioner and Awesomism Practitioner Process Facilitator
Certified L2 Reiki Practitioner
Terri is currently studying Ayurveda through The Chopra Center

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